Seafood of the highest quality, shipped directly from the source to your door: This is what Farm-2-Market is all about. Whether you're craving oysters, fresh crab, lobster, or other "delicacies of the deep", our fresh seafood is the finest available anywhere.
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  • Blonde Oysters

    Blonde Oyster - Southern CA

    More mature oyster, with a refreshing brine, melon and subtle metallic finish; lustrously satisfying...
  • Live Petite Pacific Mussels

    Live Petite Pacific Mussels

    Produced by the oldest commercial mussel farm in North America, the Penn Cove Mussel is the mussel to which...
  •  Cooked  King Crab Legs

    Cooked King Crab Legs

    Unmatched for elegance and flavor, King Crab is a treat to be enjoyed on its own, or prepared in entrees,...
  • "Belon" Oysters

    "Belon" Oysters

    If you love oysters, you owe it to yourself to give the distinctive Belon a try. As famed chef Emeril...
  • New England Live Lobster

    Live New England Homarus Lobster

    Unbelievably rich, savory and slightly sweet, these live lobsters will satisfy your cravings and transform...
  • Fresh Bay Scallops

    Fresh Bay Scallops

    These tiny nuggets of scallop have a delightfully sweet flavor. Perfect for ceviche, fried, or broiled...

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