Coming directly from a fisherman’s co-op, our New England lobsters are superior to anything in the stores — and our spiny Lobsters are practically exclusive.

To make sure we keep both schools of Lobster gourmands happy, Farm 2 Market offers both New England Lobster and Spiny Lobster, too. It goes without saying that both varieties are always, 100% live, until the moment you’re ready to cook them.

And this isn’t the same kind of “live” lobster you’ll find at the supermarket — those lobsters haven’t been near the ocean for weeks on end.

For our New England variety, Farm 2 Market works exclusively with a fisherman’s co-operative, who receive fresh, healthy lobsters on a daily basis. Hand selected for top quality, these are superior in every way.

And their Spiny, large-tailed cousins, coming fresh from Santa Ynez, California, are harvested, packed, and shipped live to you overnight — succulent and unbelievably fresh.

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