We offer only two kinds of shrimp — and they just happen to be the literal best. These are the #1 and #2-ranked shrimp in America, small-batch and delicious.

Shrimp is available everywhere — and virtually all of it, even the “fresh” shrimp you might see available, is far below the level of quality we guarantee for our customers.

Working with big shrimp processing companies results in headless, already-frozen shrimp. When you scale a market up to that size, it’s just an inevitable side effect. And that’s not the kind of shrimp we sell.

Farm 2 Market’s shrimp offerings are truly small-batch. They’re caught in the same way people were catching shrimp 100 years ago — by hand, at night, in small skiffs. We guarantee these heads-on, premium shrimp will be in your kitchen only 36 hours after leaving the sea, because that’s the only way to get every last bit of flavor out of a truly “fresh” shrimp.

This is award-winning stuff — our two varieties won both Gold & Silver medals for “The Best Shrimp in America”.

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