American Wagyu Beef

The only beef we consider great enough to offer — this is aged, distinctive, American-raised Wagyu beef that will absolutely stun you with its flavor.

Waygu beef sets the world standard for tenderness, fine marbling, and perfect taste. Raised according to an ancient Japanese tradition, the Wagyu cattle are given a daily sake massage and fed a highly specific diet of beer and special grass.

Unfortunately, Japanese-raised Kobe beef is a stunningly expensive luxury — regularly retailing for over $120 per pound.

That’s why we’ve paired with an Oregon-based farm, raising the same famous Wagyu breed right here in America, and we’re now offering these stunning cuts of beef for less than half the cost of their Japanese counterparts.

And of course, we bring the same care and devotion to our Kobe beef as we do to all our seafood — this is dry-aged, delicious beef shipped directly from the ranch to any location in the US.

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