Fanny Bay Oysters - Vancouver Island B.C.

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The Fanny Bay Oyster originates in Baynes Sound. It is beach cultured and harvested at 3-4 inches in diameter. It is a medium saline oyster with a firm texture and a fruity finish.

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Fanny Bay Oysters

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Customer Reviews

Fanny Bay Oysters - Vancouver Island B.C.
Very nice oysters! - D. - 5/14/2015
I've cooked them into a soup, have very nice flavor and texture.They are large, plump,creamy, almost melt in your mouth like butter.Very nice!
delicious - nik - 2/27/2015
Salty ending with a mild nutty flavor
Best of 1913 - Alanthedentist - 9/19/2014
Was the first of several varieties last year. They arrived to NYC in great shape and were consistent in size, shape and quality. Easy to open and very aesthetic to eye
, welcome to palate. Just my unvested opinion.
Good - Jen - 12/16/2013

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