FRESH Florida Stone Crab Claws

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The Florida Stoney has long been considered one of the most precious gems of the sea. Prized by seafood lovers since the early 1900's, the briny but uniquely sweet meat contained in these massive claws is a glorious treasure. FARM 2 MARKET sells at 4-6 claws per pound.   SPECIAL TIP: As the crab claws get larger, the percentage of crabmeat actually gets smaller. We have carefully selected the 4-6 claws per pound grade, as this is the size that yields the best percentage of edible crabmeat. Relish the delicate sweet flavor of Florida Stone Crab Claws, savor the Farm 2 Market difference. 

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FRESH Florida Stone Crab Claws

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FRESH Florida Stone Crab Claws
Great sea food - Victoria - 11/14/2014
I order from your company back in July, I am happy to say that everything that I received was very good and had a fresh taste to it. THANKS
Mrs. V. Garvin

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