Live Pacific Green Signal Crawfish

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Signal Crawfish cook up red like their cousins, but are much larger than the red swamp variety. Like many crustaceans, “Signal” crawfish are either left or right claw dominant. In this species, there is a tiny white dot between the claws on the dominant side. In repose, these critters go into a kind of trance, and as their claws open and close reflexively, this tiny white dot appears and disappears and then reappears. Famous abroad, especially in Sweden, these massive crawfish are sure to delight and amaze, and can be shipped LIVE to any kitchen in America.    F2M CAN NOT GUARENTEE LIVE DELIVERY.  We do over ship few pounds to care of dead loss.

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Live Pacific Green Signal Crawfish

Customer Reviews

Live Pacific Green Signal Crawfish
Great Quality - Wei - 11/16/2016
Wow, these are the best scallops that I've ever had. Live just as promised. Packed nicely. The only downside is that we had to do extra work because they were kind of muddy. If not wash and clean well, they taste sandy. Anyway, all the extra work worth it because these scallops are so tasty.

If you need these on a particular day, make sure you order way ahead of time. My order took a week but it was not an issue for me.
Excellent - Roy - 7/31/2016
Nice to do business with an honest company, they arrived as scheduled, very few dead, and as Joe said he would put in some extra to cover possible dead losses. The Crawfish were very nice in size and I will be ordering from Farm 2 Farm again. I am telling all my friends about your company!!
GREAT - Joe - 8/14/2014
Arrived in perfect condition. They were the hit of the party!
Excellent! - joe rancher - 8/13/2014
Excellent, arrived in perfect condition, and were the hit of the party!
Excellent! - Jimmy - 5/14/2013
Spoke with Joe and said no reds where available so he sent wonderful green signals. He held true to his word on shipping extra weight to cover any die off! Never heard of that before. Arrived on time and very few dead.

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