fresh oysters

Fresh Oysters

Great oysters need a constant exchange of fresh, clean ocean water. And we found just that — along with what just might be the best cultured oyster farms in America.

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Fresh Caviar

We offer the finest domestic farmed caviar available on the market. Our caviar is clean, smooth, environmentally sound, and the absolute best quality!

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fresh shrimp

Fresh Shrimp

Shrimp is available everywhere — and virtually all of it, even the “fresh” shrimp you might see available, is far below the level of quality we guarantee for our customers.

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Only in America with Larry the Cable Guy: I hate oysters

Bob Costarella stars on "Only in America" with larry the Cable Guy. Watch and see why Larry hates oysters!.

Fresh Fish and Seafood Don't Get Any Fresher

How fresh is the seafood you purchase? Can you actually taste the freshness? We deliver incredibly fresh fish and seafood direct from the source to your door, in less than 2 hours after it was caught.

100% Fresh, Never Frozen

At Farm 2 Market, we sell only the freshest fish and shellfish. No frozen seafood here! Did you know the seafood at your local supermarket landed days ago and has taken days to reach you, having travelled through brokers and wholesalers before even reaching your local store? Our direct-from-the-source service brings you freshness and quality unmatched by the traditional approach.

Your Order Is Delivered Overnight

Every order you place at Farm-2-Market is transmitted instantly to the source, worldwide. From Maine for live lobster, to Penn Cove, Washington for oysters, Loch Duarte, Scotland for salmon, or California for Kobe Beef. From there, your order is hand selected and packed in temperature-controlled, recyclable polystyrene containers, then shipped via FedEx direct to your door. Every step of the way our quality controls ensure you receive only the finest, freshest products available.

The Seafood Market with the Finest Quality   

We offer a variety of seafood delicacies, including live crabs (live Dungeness Crab and Fresh Dungeness Crabmeat, live Alaskan King Crab, fresh Blue Crab) live New England lobsters, live Pacific Spiny lobsters, and Osetra Caviar.

Fresh Oysters

Our fresh oysters selections include Penn Cove Select Oysters, Kumamoto Oysters, our popular West Coast Cultured Oyster Sampler, and Quilcene Oysters from Hood Canal, WA.

Rounding out our tempting shellfish selections are: Fresh Scallops, live Pacific Mussels, live Pacific Manila clams, live California Spot Prawns, Fresh Wild Baja White Shrimp Tails, and live Pacific Red Crawfish.

Fresh Fish

Our fresh fish choices include Fresh, Wild Sockeye Salmon, Smoked Salmon (Lox), Striped Bass, and Sushi-grade Bluefin Tuna.

Kobe Beef

For the gourmet beef connoisseur, we also supply fresh Kobe beef, dry-aged in all steak cuts. Our hands-down favorite? Delicious Kobe Beef Filet Mignon. Even Kobe Beef Burgers!

Everything we sell is 100% unconditionally guaranteed!

FARM 2 MARKET is an Internet-enabled breakthrough.

Order Online Order Online

Your click sends an Email to a fisherman.

Custom Harvest Custom Harvest

A custom harvest produces your order. The fisherman or aquafarmer that landed your products, packs it the day it comes out of the water, and ships it directly to you.

Insights and Preparation  Insights and Preparation

Research our site for recipes, and advice on handling and storage.

Email Notification Email Notification

The precise order, delivery date, address and tracking information is sent to you by email.

Next Day Delivery Next Day Delivery

FedEx delivers it the next morning to your kitchen anywhere in America.

Tracey Smith

"The last time I threw a luxurious dinner party, everything I got from Farm 2 Market made it happen — it was like finding the hidden supplier to the best restaurant in the country! The crabs and lobsters practically jumped out of the box, the scallops still in their shells wowed everyone, and the Kobe beef and foie gras really made the night. My friends couldn’t stop talking about the food for the entire night – and it was all thanks to F2M"

- Tracey Smith, From Utah