Insider Insights About Crawfish

Insider Insights About Crawfish

Crawfish or crayfish — the words can be used interchangeably — are one of those rare products in the culinary world highly revered by both gourmands and just plain folks.

The “crawfish boil” is not exclusive to Cajuns in the Louisiana Bayou. Crawfish festivals now range from Scandinavia and Vienna to France and New Zealand, attesting to the massive popularity of this delicious little “mud-bug.”

Crawfish in America

More than 250 species exist in America, but the Red Swamp from Louisiana is the most well known variety.

Unfortunately, the Louisiana season is now closed. For those who dote on crawfish, these are the times that try their souls. They are fraught with crawfish longing and wistful memories of fiery etouffee.

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