Live California Spot Prawns

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Our "Gem O' the Day" is reserved for products so rare, or with such short seasons, they can't appear as a regular selection. Sometimes fishermen contact us when they have something special to pass along. A lobsterman we know, who usually targets Pacific Spiny Lobsters, while checking out his gear doing “floats” off the Baja Peninsula, began landing something REALLY special: California Spot Prawns Spot prawns are the largest shrimp on the West Coast, averaging less than 8 prawns to the pound. Spot prawns stocks are healthy and strong. Since they are caught with traps rather than nets, there is low bycatch and zero habitat impact.

The respected Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch program, rates the Pacific Spot Prawn as a “Best Choice” sustainable option. Click here for more information. And perhaps the most exciting quality of the California Spot Prawns: They ship LIVE. And when we say LIVE, we mean LIVE.You almost have to chase these buggers to catch them in their shipping box. If you’ve never had the pleasure of eating a LIVE prawn, prepare yourself for a memorable treat. As long as this guy’s catching them, we’ll be shipping them, directly from his boat, overnight to any kitchen in America, squirmingly LIVE Order them in lots of 3, 5, or 7 pounds. If you need more, contact Customer Service at 800 477 2967 for special discounts. Please keep in mind all live products are not guarenteed live once delivery.

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Live California Spot Prawns

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